Non-Bypass Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit - Horns Design Roller


👍QUALITY IS 100% UNDER CONTROL. We picked the most premium carbon steel to make the hardware heavy-duty and sturdier than the competition. The black powdered coating makes the paint stays forever and will not be scratched off. The wheels of the roller are made of high-quality nylon which ensures minimal noise when it glides on the track. Each hardware kit can hold a total door(s) weight up to 220 lbs.

😊FULLY OPTIMIZED CONNECTING AND SPACING. I understand how frustrated it was when you opened the box and found out multiple smaller tracks that were hard to line up and connect. Even worse when the spacing was not exactly 16 inches. We’ve got them all figured out! The spacing is now exactly 16 inches. Track 7.5ft and under is only one piece track. Track 8ft and above are connected by two tracks using a junction plate, thus, the spacing between the middle two holes may not be 16 inches.

🔨BARN DOOR HARDWARE INSTALLATION MADE EASY. You hate to see vague installation manual that is just one piece of paper with hard to read measurements, badly drawing pictures, and barely any word instructions? So am I! Fortunately, in our installation manual, you will see the step by step instructions with USA standard fractional inch measurements, self-explanatory pictures, and concise word instructions. You are going to have a pleasant time while installing a sliding door at your home.

MONEY AND TIME SAVER FOR YOUR PROJECT. Tired of spending a hell lot of money and time when searching for the proper size and type of hardware at the big box store? Not the case here! We provide track sizes from 4ft to 20ft at a reasonable price. We also improved our packaging to make sure you will get everything you need in a timely manner! No more hassle to go back and forth for the missing or replacement parts.

📞YOU ARE FULLY COVERED BY OUR PROFESSIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE TEAM. As a company in the US, our professional customer service team are here to ensure your satisfaction with our products and quick response to any questions. If you are still not happy with the order, you can return it to us and get all your money back at all times!

Product Features

  • Package includes all the hardware kit you need to install a sliding barn door. Except for doors.
  • The barn door hardware can be used both inside and outside. It is rustproof, waterproof, and fireproof.
  • The standard door thickness for our hardware is from 1 3/8'' to 1 3/4''. If your door thickness is not within that range, please go to our second tab called "Customization Services" for more detailed instructions on how to customize it.
  • The spacing between each hole is American Standard 16''. Tracks 7.5ft and under are one single track instead of being connected by multiple shorter tracks. Tracks 8ft to 16ft will be connected by two tracks. Tracks 18ft and 20ft will be connected by three tracks. Therefore, the spacing between the holes in the connecting section may not be 16''.
  • The minimum clearance (from top of the door to the ceiling) you need to install this barn door hardware is 6''. 

Installation Video


1. Track Length Customization

If you want a customized track length, for example 7ft 8in or 13ft 5in ... You can first order the available track length that is longer than your desired track length. For example, if you want the 7ft 8in track, you will order the 8ft track and then send us a note during checkout telling us the exact length you want. Then we will cut down the track for you for free. Customized track is non-returnable. If you want to return other parts except the track, we will deduct the retail price of the track from the total refund.  

2. Door Thickness Customization

Our hardware is compatible for door thickness from 1 3/8'' to 1 3/4''. If your door thickness falls out of this range, please check the table below and purchase the proper length of hex bolts using the methods listed below:

  • For Black Rustic Hex Bolt:

  • For Brushed Nickel Hex Bolt:

Or you can simply search "Hex Bolt" on the top search bar to find them.

Door Thickness Range
Hex Bolt Length
Door Thickness ≤1''
1 1/2''
1'' ≤ Door Thickness ≤ 1 3/8''
1 3/8'' ≤ Door Thickness ≤ 1 3/4''
Standard 2 3/8''
1 3/4'' ≤ Door Thickness ≤ 2''
2 1/2''
2' ≤ Door Thickness ≤ 2 1/2''
2 1/2'' ≤ Door Thickness ≤ 3''
3 1/2''


3. Hanger Wheel Customization

We now have three types of hanger wheel at your choice. Besides the standard black nylon wheels, you can choose the silver metal wheels for more durability and heavier door weight. And the brown wooden wheels for more natural feelings. You can purchase the metal wheels and wooden wheels using the links below:

  • Metal Wheels

  • Wooden Wheels

Or you can simply search their name in the top search bar or find them in the "Other Accessories" collection.


Q: What is the width and thickness of the track?

A: The width is 1 1/2'' and the thickness is 1/4''.

Q: What is the material of the roller wheel?

A: The roller wheel is made of nylon to reduce the rolling noises to the minimum level.

Q: What size are the lag bolts and the spacers for mounting the track?

A: The lag bolt is 3 3/4 inches long. The spacer is 1 3/8 inches tall.

Q: What is the distance from the wall to the outside of the door?

A: The distance from the wall to the outside the door is 2-1/4”.

Q: What is the distance from the wall to the inside of the door?

A: The distance from the wall to the inside of the door can be calculated using the following formula: (2-1/4") - (thickness of door). For example, if your door is 1-1/2" thick then you will apply the following formula: (2-1/4") - (1-1/2") = 3/4". In this example the distance between the wall and the inside of your inner door is 3/4".

Q: What is the distance from the wall to outside surface of door hanger for bypass?

A: 6-5/16''

Q: What is the distance from the wall to outside of inner door hanger for bypass? 

A: 2-1/2''

Q: What is the distance between outside of inner door and inside of outer door (assuming a 1-1/2" thick door) for the bypass setting?

A: 4-1/16'' - door thickness = 4-1/16'' - 1-1/2'' = 2-9/16''

Q: What is the distance from wall to inside of inside door for the bypass?

A: 2-1/4'' - door thickness

Q: What is the distance from the wall to the acorn nut on the inside door for the bypass?

A: 3-3/16''


Q: What should I do if I have a door trim?

A: You can either put a header board about the same thickness or ask for the spacer extenders from us to push the door further away from the wall.

Q: How do you stop the door from rolling off the edge?

A: There will be door stoppers included in the package and you can put them on the end of the rail in order to prevent door sliding off the track.

Q: How does the floor guide work? Do I need to cut a grove in the bottom of the door for it to slide through?

A: Yes you need to cut a 1 inch tall grove underneath the door by using a router in order to fit in the floor guide.

Q: I lost my installation manual. Where can I find the installation manual online?

A: Yes please send us an email to and our associate will reply you with pdf version of the manual ASAP.

Q:Is the track able to be cut down for a shorter run?

A: Yes, the track itself is cuttable. You can use any saw that is designed to cut steel, including a hacksaw or reciprocating saw. Then soften the edges with a circular grinder or metal file. Finish the edges with a course grit sand paper. Most black spray paint can be to touch up the cut end as it won't be noticeable. For a more exact match, bring the cut-off end of the track to a paint store and have them to a color match.

Q: Is this hardware suitable for an exterior door application?

A: It will work for out door setting. However, we suggest that you could paint the hardware with Rustoleum product and treat the hardware prior to placing outside just in case if rust.


All orders are free shipping within the United States (except for Hawaii and Alaska). All orders will be shipped out from our Georgia warehouse within 1 to 2 business days via FedEx or USPS. It will take 1-5 business days for groud shipping depending on your location. So you can expect the products to arrive between 2 to 7 business days. If you need expedite shipping, please let us know in advance.

All Returns

There is a 30-day return window from the time you receive your order. We offer free return for any defective orders. If it is not our problem, such as you just no longer need it etc., you will need to cover for your own return shipping and restocking fee will be charged starting from 15% and above. The restocking fee depends on the state of the product when returned. This will be graded if it is still in a sellable condition. All custom orders may not be returned, if a custom order is returned we will have the right to not issue a refund. 

Barn Doors Return & Refund / Replacement Policy

Number 1 to 3 are not approved for replacement and will be charged for a restocking and return shipping fee if requested for return.

Number 2 has the only circumstances when the customer can ask for a replacement if there is a wood knot that causes a hole through the whole wooden panel.

 1. Warp of up to 1/4” in any plane of the door for any 7 foot tall door up to 24"~36” wide (FRAME DOOR ONLY) .  Warp of up to ½” in any plane of the door for doors 7 foot tall and up to 42”~48" wide (FRAME DOOR ONLY)Warp of up to 1/4” in any plane of the door for any 7 foot tall door up to 24"~36” wide (FRAMELESS DOOR ONLY) .  Warp of up to 3/4” in any plane of the door for doors 7 foot tall and up to 42”~48" wide (FRAMELESS DOOR ONLY)  Surface checks of scratches & splits in the doors that are less than 1/8” in width or less than 2” in length

2. Normal wear of the door, natural variation in wood color or texture, and the physical appearance of the door. Appearance or performance of a wood knot . If your wood knot is coming off of the panel which makes a hole all the way through the panel you may ask for a replacement of the panel not the whole door.

3. Damage caused beyond the control of Homacer, including but not limited to damage caused by misuse, abuse, accident, or mishandling, or by fire, flood, earthquake, hurricane, storm, tornado, or other acts of nature.

4. All custom alteration of door and hardware is not returnable nor refundable inclusive of any cutting or finishes that has already been applied.

5. Damage caused by any installation of the door or door hardware are not returnable nor refundable nor replacemable.

Reason that offer free full return shipping:
Door damaged through transit. (We will need pictures of proof which is the damage box, the product damaged and written email of a return and refund request. No restocking fee needed.)
Any other reason besides this will not be approved for a free return nor full refund and will be subjected for a restocking fee charge of 15% of total price and up depending on the condition plus the return shipping.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Jane Thompson
barn door hardware

Love it. All of the parts were there, no problem with installation.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Jane Thompson
barn door hardware

Love it. All of the parts were there, no problem with installation.