Pre-Install Questions

Q: My studs do not line up or I do not have studs. Can I mount the hardware into dry wall?
A: Please not not mount directly into the dry wall. Our hardware is made of steel so it can get quite heavy depending on the length. With doors on the track, the weight can be an issue for your wall without proper support. If the studs do not line up, mount a header board. If you do not have studs, we would not recommend using the hardware. The worse case scenario would be the track and door pulling down your wall.

Q: My floor is concrete, therefore I can't use a floor mounted floor guide. What can I do?
A: Besides floor mounted guides, we offer a variety of vertical/wall mounted floor guides. You can take a look in Other Accessories for the wall mounted floor guides and see what suits you best.

Q: The door I am using is thicker than the range of what the kit fits. What do I do?

A: We offer longer hex bolts to fit thicker doors. You can find them in Other Accessories under Hex Bolts. Please make sure the thickness will be able to clear the wall. If not, install a header board or use Spacer Extenders if it permits.

Q: The door I am using is thinner than the range of what the kit fits. What do I do?
A: We offer shorter hex bolts to fit thicker doors. You can find them in Other Accessories under Hex Bolts. If your door is drastically thinner than an average door, you have the option of using Spacer Extenders on the hex bolts to act as additional thickness and push the door closer to the wall. Please note this only works for front mounted hangers. Top mounts cannot use Spacer Extenders this way.

Q: If the track is too long, can I cut it down?
A: Yes, you can cut the track with anything that can cut through steel. Please note, however, that once the track has been modified, it can no longer be returned. So double check before you cut.

Q: My track is too short. What do I do?
A: We sell just the track with mounting lag bolts, spacers, and washers. You can either purchase for the size you need or add on a smaller section. Please note if you do add on a shorter section of track, your mounting holes will be off, so you might need to install a header board. If unsure about which option if best for you, feel free to give our customer service a call.

Q: I have a door trim around my opening. How does this affect my installation?
A: Depending on the thickness of the trim, your door might not be able to clear the molding. If that's the case, we recommend installing a header board to enable smooth sliding. It is also up to you whether you would like the door width to be increased so it will cover the trim as well. Since the track is typically mounted above the trim, you might need to accommodate by increasing the door height as well.

Q: Can the hardware be used in an outdoor setting?
A: While the hardware can be used outside, the bolts that come with the kit are not exterior grade. If you are using the kit outdoors, please change out all the bolts for exterior grade bolts. If the doors you are using are very heavy, also think about swapping the provided bolts for Grade 8 bolts instead. And to be on the safe side, please also coat the hardware in an anti-rust sealant.

Q: What is the spacing between the mounting holes?
A: The spacing between mounting holes on one track is 16". However, if you are connecting two or more tracks together, the spacing between the last mounting hole on one track to the first mounting hole on the next track may not be 16". For example, a 10ft track would come in two 5ft pieces. On a 5ft track, because there are 4 mounting holes and 16" in between the holes, that means there are 6" left on each side. So if you connect it with another 5ft track, the measurement where the two pieces connect is only 12".

Q: After using a spacer extender for my lag bolts, will the remaining length be enough to secure the hardware to the wall?
A: If you only use 1 extender per bolt, you should be fine. If you are still uncertain, you can purchase longer lag bolts at your local hardware store.

After-Install Questions

Q: I require more track for my door to slide on. What do I do?
A: We offer track extensions that come with lag bolts, spacers, and washers for mounting to the wall. If you are joining it onto an existing bar, please make sure to add the junction plate for connecting the two pieces.

Q: I have a two door non-bypass kit. Do you have anything that prevents the doors from slamming into each other?
A: Yes, we have something called the Soft Close Mechanism. It's mounted behind the track and the activator goes on top of the door. It enables your doors to come together smoothly without hitting each other. This also stops each door in the middle so they do not slide past a certain point. Only one Soft Close is needed per pair of doors.

Q: There's a large gap between my door and wall/door to door. How do I reduce the gap?
A: If your hangers are mounted to the front of the door, then you can reduce the gap by adding Spacer Extenders onto the Hex Bolts. The Spacer Extenders sit on the Hex Bolt between the hanger bracket and the front of the door. They act as additional thickness and will push the door closer to the wall. Please note that if you use Spacer Extenders, you might require longer Hex Bolts which can be purchased from us or locally.

Q: I have a single track bypass and unfortunately it's not working out for me. I require a double track. What do I do?
A: We have a conversion kit available that upgrades your single track bypass to a double track bypass. It will come with all the necessary hardware such as addition track, bolts, and a pair of flat hangers. However, do make sure you will have enough clearance to install a double track.

Q: There are small holes at the ends of the tracks. What are they and how can I cover them up?
A: Those are junction holes. Long tracks are made up of smaller sections that are joined together with a junction plate. They can also be used to extend your track. All tracks, regardless of size, will come with junction holes. The door stoppers included in your kit can be used at the ends to cover the holes.

Q: My door does not have a groove on it, what do I do?
A: If you do not wish to route the groove on the bottom of your door, we have various other floor guides that do not require the groove.

After Purchase Questions

Q: When will my items be delivered?
A: It takes 24hrs to process your order. Shipping time is 2-5 business days depending how far you are located from Georgia. Stained doors are excluded as they are all stained to order, so they take 1-2 weeks before they are shipped out.

Q: How can I get expedited shipping?
A: While we offer free standard shipping, expedited is not free. Please provide us with your exact order and a shipping address. We can then provide you with different options of expedited rates for your order. We would prefer reaching out about expedited rates before placing your order.

Q: How do I cancel my order?
A: As long as your order hasn't been shipped, it can be canceled. Please call us during our business hours or send us an email with your order number. If your order has been shipped, the order can not be canceled.

Q: How can I make adjustments to my order?

A: If your order hasn't been shipped yet, please give us a call during our business hours or send us an email with your order number and adjustments that need to be made. Depending on the changes to your order, there may be additional fees or a partial refund. If the order has been shipped, no adjustments can be made.