Adjustable Spacer Set

Sale price$18.00

For Door Thickness: 1in~2in
Set: Set of 3

Introducing our Adjustable Spacer Set, the perfect solution for achieving seamless door installations in a wide range of thicknesses. Designed to accommodate doors ranging from 1 inch to 2-7/16 inches in thickness, this versatile spacer set ensures a snug fit and eliminates unsightly gaps between the door and the wall.

Are you struggling with a door thickness that falls outside the standard range of 1-3/8 inches to 1-3/4 inches? Look no further. Our adjustable spacer set is the answer to your installation woes. Whether your door is thinner than 1-3/8 inches or thicker than 1-3/4 inches, this set provides the flexibility needed to minimize the gap between the door to the wall and achieve a professional finish.

Perfect for use with Non-Bypass and Single Track Bypass Hardware systems, our spacer set is engineered to deliver precise adjustments for a variety of door thicknesses. Say goodbye to uneven gaps and hello to a polished, streamlined look that enhances any space.

Don't let incompatible hardware stand in the way of your door installation project. With our Adjustable Spacer Set, you can tackle doors of varying thicknesses with confidence and ease. Upgrade your installation game today and experience the difference firsthand.