Mini Non-Bypass Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit - Horseshoe Design Roller

Sale price$45.00

Track Length: 24in
Hardware System: One Door Kit


Roller Set Box

Box contains: Rollers, Hex Bolts, Floor Guides, Anti-Jump Pads, and Door Stoppers

Track & Junction Plate

Track(s) & Junction Plate(s) quantity depends on the size ordered.

Parts Introduction


Heavy duty and made of steel, the track, or sometimes called rail, mounts above the door opening. It's what the door will hang from and where the door will slide back and forth on. The track should be mounted into the studs to have maximum stability.


Hangers are what mounts to the door and what hangs the door from the track. It's a strap with wheels that allow smooth sliding on the track. They come in various materials, designs, and colors to match whatever aesthetic you are trying to accomplish.

Door Stopper

Coming in a set, these stoppers typically sit at the ends of the track. They prevent the door from rolling off the track. To ensure safety, door stoppers are a must for all hardware kits.

Anti-Jump Pad

Metal or plastic, these circular small parts are mounted on the top of the door to stop the door from jumping up and off the track.