Bullet Point

  • 💎DIFFERENTIATION STARTS FROM NOW. Will you feel unsatisfied when you see all the doors at your home look the same? And you want to have something different? Our Vancleef barn door hardware is exactly what you are looking for to use with your barn doors. Having a sliding barn door at your home will instantly improve your home setup and two words blurt out from your mouth, “Looks Great”.
  • 🏆QUALITY IS NEVER YOUR PART OF CONCERN. Bend tracks, chipped off paints, weak bolts, rollers not the same size, anchors don’t fit screws… you name it. None of those problems happen on our products. We have strict quality control process to make sure you get everything at a high-quality standard. We build it to be long lasting.
  • 📜INSTALLATION HAS NEVER BEEN EASIER. Our newly updated installation manual has step by step word and picture illustrations that will walk you through the installation process and cut off the installation time to less than an hour. It has good enough specs for you to put up everything correctly and no more frustration to make multiple adjustments. The spacing between each hole is set at 16 inches to help you better line up with the studs.
  • 📦NOTHING LEFT BEHIND. Stronger packing box is applied to ensure that nothing falls out during transit and gets damaged. For heavier products, we will put a second layer of bagging material to ensure that even the box is damaged, the products themselves remain complete. In a word, no more missing parts!
  • 🤝BUY WITH CONFIDENCE, WE GET YOU COVERED. With our professional local customer service team, we are ready to answer all your questions and solve all your problems in less than an hour. No matter it is a product related question, an installation inquiry or you are missing some of the hardware. If you are still not happy with the product, you can always return it back to us and get all your money back!